Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? It’s one of those stories that you fall in love with as a child and then re-discover it being an adult – and how many fairy tales can boast that? I remember watching the classic Disney animation over and over again, re-reading the book and then uncovering the amazing linguistic side of it in my college years. The amazing world from Lewis Carroll’s imagination still brings me a lot of inspiration and ideas. Sometimes I love feeling like a child again!

      All these memories rushed back to me when I met Josephine wearing one of her amazing Lolita dresses. In case you haven’t heard, Lolita fashion is a subculture originating in Japan, based on Victorian style of clothing. The only thing I find a bit unfortunate is the naming (apparently, the origins remain unclear), but that’s as far as it goes. An inspiration shoot was overdue!

      Oftentimes an inspiration shoot for a wedding photographer is a regular part of our work, and it’s such an amazing experience, too! Of course you don’t get to experience all the different parts of the wedding day, but the big advantage is being able to plan the shoot and having enough time on your hands not to have to rush it. This time I had quite a few Alice in Wonderland props in store from a project of my husband’s, and Josephine loves the book as much as I do, so settling on the theme was an easy part. To be fair, every part was easy! We had so much fun during the shoot with all the little props and details. I loved recreating the story, turning a Dublin park into our own magical forest. I just wish we had a live White Rabbit!

      I guess my next goal has to be Alice in Wonderland wedding inspiration shoot! I have even more awesome props now, who wants to be my model? I’d actually be so thrilled if one my couples decided to do a themed wedding, I know it’s a far cry from the traditional big day (and there’s only one big day, so you can’t really experiment much!) But wouldn’t it be so stylish and unique?

      And speaking of inspiration shoots, I’m dying to do more of those, too! Have a theme in mind and want to create some beauty together? I’m up for it!

      Without further ado, take a step into the magical forest… Once upon a time there was a little girl who couldn’t see the use of a book without pictures and conversation…

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