I just love a good holiday. You know, the type of holiday when you come back home and realise you need another holiday! I’ve been travelling like this for as long as I can remember and I guess I should consider myself lucky that my darling husband doesn’t really mind it. I mean, he grumbles every night about not being able to move after all the walking we did, but I’m sure he secretly loves it.

      Another reason why I love a good holiday is of course all the photo opps – the “swing your camera” type of places where every street and every building are more beautiful than the next one. There’s such beauty saturation it’s like shooting 5 weddings in a row (but with a bit more sleep and less responsibility!) and I really get an aesthetic kick out of travel photography. I mean, we ended up suffering through a 3-day heatwave of 35 degrees in shade, but the next week it apparently rained non-stop on France, so we’re definitely luckier than I thought! No one will ever know how much we suffered for those happy and sunny photos 🙂

      The West of France is a region I’d wanted to visit for a long time, with its gorgeous landscapes, fresh bread and cheese, Le Mont Saint Michel and copious varieties of cider, partly because I can’t stand its over-sweetened Irish counterparts. What we did not expect was the crazy heatwave that hit most of Europe that weekend, and our poor pale bodies were quite shocked at the amount of sun they were suddenly exposed. As previously mentioned, pretty pictures come first so I wasn’t willing to give up my well-detailed sightseeing plans!

      The evenings brought respite and with them came out golden light and my new tripod. What girl doesn’t want to have romantic pictures taken with her significant other, especially when it’s her anniversary and especially when she spends a lot of her time photographing other couples in love?! Thus my new red dress acquired a new speciality of a picture outfit, and I got a newly-found appreciation for the amazing opportunity to normally be behind the camera rather than in front of it (with a shutter release at that!). Still, our selfie anniversary photos are there and I plan to continue the lovely tradition on future holidays! More kissing opportunities 🙂

      All in all, France is as lovely as ever. Crusty morning baguettes, amazing chocolate, bowls (bowls?) of coffee, chateaux that spring at you from every corner, glorious sunsets, gorgeous houses in the tiniest villages, cobblestones and billions of flowers everywhere. I’m sure we’ll go back.
      To start off, the lovely village of Lyons-la-Forêt (just don’t go there hungry, I hate the French siesta!) and Rouen, the centre of Normandy. First taste of the French heat!

      [easy-image-collage id=10401]

      [easy-image-collage id=10402]

       France is full of beautiful villages and I especially love the idea of a national competition for the most attractive village or town – Villes et Villages Fleuris. If the place has been awarded a prize you’ll see a special sign at the entrance to the town! Honfleur is one of them, definitely full of flowers!

      [easy-image-collage id=10404]

      [easy-image-collage id=10405]

      [easy-image-collage id=10406]

      Saint-Malo and Dinard greeted us with gorgeous beaches, sea views and those incredible tides, while Dinan had incredible evening light when every building looks even more beautiful.

      [easy-image-collage id=10407]

      [easy-image-collage id=10408]

      [easy-image-collage id=10409]

      [easy-image-collage id=10410]

      And now to the reason for it all, the incredible Mont Saint Michel…

      [easy-image-collage id=10411]

      [easy-image-collage id=10412]

      Last but not least, our little love story and selfie – anniversary photoshoot in Étretat. What a magical evening it was!

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      [easy-image-collage id=10414]

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