Isn’t it great to rediscover places you’ve known for a long time and see them in new light? That’s how I always feel whenever I go out for a Dublin engagement shoot. I mean, it’s a pretty small city – you can literally explore the centre in one afternoon. But there are so many hidden spots, so many sides to Dublin! Old and classical stands side by side with colourful graffiti and traditional Irish pubs, and that’s what gives the city its charm.

Dublin Engagement Shoot

I met Talar and Hector on a crispy sunny morning at their favourite little restaurant on the quays. It wasn’t an accident – they’d had their first date here and celebrated their engagement so having a cup of coffee in this quaint little place seemed like the perfect start to the day. Both coming from different cultures (Hector is from Spain and Talar was born in Armenia), they decided to have their big day in the world’s melting pot – New York Central Park! How awesome is that?? But Dublin is their home and home to their love, so we took a stroll around some iconic spots to commemorate them, too!

Have you noticed the awesome silhouettes in the Merchant’s Arch? Have you spotted all the crazy colours Temple Bar has to offer? When was the last time you climbed the steps of the City Hall and looked Dublin’s history? Does massive Christ Church Cathedral still inspire you with awe? Try being a tourist again and you’ll spot so many new things!

I absolutely loved the time with Talar and Hector, and of course the results of our Dublin engagement shoot. Not only did they totally prepare for the session and pick matching outfits (how cute is that?) but they are also one of the most fun-loving couples I’ve met, having fun together and messing in front of the camera only to slow down a minute later and share a most romantic kiss…

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