After 14 years of being together, Emily and Nathan sealed their love with vows and rings in a wonderful celebration with their closest family and friends at the stunning Bellinter House. 

      They first met in 2008, as freshmen at Dublin City University. They spent their time exploring heart-fluttering teenage love and getting to know each other during their student days. After a few months of going out on dates and watching movies together, young Emily and Nathan eventually let their guards off and finally got the courage to kiss for the first time at the DCU Christmas Ball while the band Slade performed on stage. And that started their journey together. 

      After a few more years of dating, Emily and Nathan just knew they were meant to be together and began having more conversations about getting married. They even went engagement ring shopping together in September 2020 where they found the most stunning ring. Nathan secured the ring and kept it hidden until the right moment came to pop the big question to Emily. Christmas day of 2020, the couple decided to spend the holiday at Nathan’s mom’s house. Later that evening, everyone decided to play a game to continue the fun and engaged in a game of Bowls (like Charades). When Emily’s turn came, she enthusiastically yelled her response to one of the questions – “RING!” In her excitement Emily was blissfully unaware what was about to happen although it was pretty obvious to everyone around! Nathan quickly got down on one knee and proposed to Emily.

      The Perfect Band

      Laughter and excitement from all of their loved ones who were present at their wedding at the old country estate of Bellinter House filled the air on their most memorable day. Everyone clearly enjoyed and had fun, all thanks to the #1 wedding band in Ireland – Springbreak! Emily admits that she was so excited to have them at their wedding they booked the band even before deciding on their venue! Seeing the crowd dancing all night long proved that taking that risk was the best decision!

      The Vendors