Why a documentary wedding photographer?

So why a documentary wedding photographer, not traditional staged photos? I think you know why yourself, but I’ll tell you my reasons.

You’ll love looking at photos of yourself and your partner looking happy on your big day. You’ll remember what your outfits look like because you chose them with such care and thought, you’ll probably remember the venue. And I promise you, you’ll have a lot of selfies with your guests that will go up on Facebook the day after the wedding! But will you remember the way your mother had her eyes water during the ceremony because it was so touching and beautiful? Will you remember the look on your best friend’s face as they give you a tight hug? Will you remember the little wedding favours, the cake topping, the happy smiles of your guests and every funny moment of your day?

When you delve into your wedding album a few happy years down the line you’ll want to remember the feelings, not the things. You’ll want to see the real smiles, not the posed ones. That’s what a documentary wedding photographer is there for – to tell the full story of your day. not just give you a brief summary.

In case you are wondering – yes, of course, I do formal group shots as well! To make the process smoother and quicker I’ll ask you to make a list before the wedding of everyone you’d like to have photos taken with. This way we definitely won’t forget anyone in the happy chaos of the wedding day! But I always encourage you to be fun and creative with group photos. Remember, for a documentary wedding photographer the best photos are the ones when no one remembers that they are in front of the camera! 🙂

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