Anniversary and Engagement Photographer in Dublin

Now, do I need to give you a list of reasons why it’s a great idea to find a professional photographer in Dublin and organize a romantic photo shoot with your loved one – or maybe surprise them? 😉

  • it’s definitely something unusual that you maybe haven’t done before, or don’t do very often!
  • it’s going to be a very memorable time – not least because you’ll have pictures to show!
  • for the girl it’s a great occasion to put on that dress she’s been dying to wear!
  • it’s a wonderful way to become even more affectionate with each other, and you’ll definitely remember your partner’s eye colour for a long time!
  • a photo shoot doesn’t have to be purely romantic, think of a way you like to have fun together and let me document it!
  • it’s a great activity for your anniversary and a chance to fall even more in love with each other!
  • if you are planning a wedding, an engagement shoot is the perfect chance to get used to being in front of the camera and get great photos for your wedding invitations!
  • your profile picture will look stunning 😉

Need I go on? Let me know your reasons for doing a romantic couple photo shoot, and I’ll add them here!