I have always been really drawn to the old age of royalty and chivalry – what girl isn’t? Doing a Victorian-inspired wedding shoot was a dream come true. As soon as the idea got into my head I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! It all started though with beautiful Sarah contacting me with an idea of doing a shoot in her white Lolita wedding dress. Victorian Lolita wedding inspiration was born! In the end we went much further. I got an amazing team together, put together old-style props and dinnerware and created another nostalgic look with Sarah’s very own mum-handmade gorgeous wedding dress. There were so many ideas and beauty during the planning stage that we even managed to shoot a totally different Royal Victorian look. I decided to call the two “gold” and “silver”, but that’s for my next post!

      “Silver” Lolita Wedding Inspiration

      A tall gothic black candelabra and ornate mirror from Sarah’s bedroom, stained glass cathedral windows of Smock Alley Theatre, antique and slightly tarnished silverware from my family collection, loose pearls, lush flowers by Annie Bloom and an enormous frosted cake by Victoria’s Heavenly Cupcakes . All these elements put together helped us create the inspiration we were looking for – raw, unpolished, wistful, elegant and strikingly beautiful. The two dresses are matching and contrasting at the same time. One is a playful doll-like look for an alternative bride who wants to show her personality and isn’t afraid to experiment. The other is a much more mature, elegant and sophisticated wedding gown that calls back to the by-gone days and creates the ultimate romantic look. Both are beautiful, both are unique, both are very personal. I absolutely love to see brides express their personality in every little detail of their look.

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      Venue: Smock Alley Theatre

      Florals: Annie Bloom

      Cake: Victoria’s Heavenly Cupcakes