When your partner is your best friend, when you know one another better than you know yourself – how can your wedding day be anything else but amazing? It actually can, when you choose to get married in spring and the whole nature celebrates with you!

National Gallery of Ireland Wedding

I’d been looking forward to Ali and Jay’s National Gallery of Ireland wedding since I heard about their plans. I LOVE Dublin city weddings! I’m lucky enough to meet the most fun and creative couples who choose to get married in the heart of the city, and I’ve always wanted to photograph a National Gallery of Ireland wedding. There’s something about the combination of classical and modern, historic and artistic about this place, and Ali & Jay seemed to feel the same way. They told me the day wasn’t just about them – it was about the family and the fun, and that’s exactly what makes me look forward to every single wedding. They also told me that they didn’t want many couple portraits and that they felt awkward in front of the camera. Now, that’s something that I hear a lot and nothing that an engagement session cannot fix 😉

The day greeted us with a torrential downpour and stormy winds, only to give way to bright sunshine and the warmth of Irish spring just in time for the ceremony! We couldn’t believe our luck, and all the guests were eager to go out and bask in the sun. In my turn, I took Ali & Jay to the beautiful Merrion Square park and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw their cherry blossoms finally in bloom! It was the most romantic setting – beautiful sun rays, delicate pink blossoms, fresh scent of grass after the rain and the gorgeous couple, feeling totally relaxed and absolutely happy. What more could you want on your wedding day?