About a week before going on my long-awaited holiday to Spain I was hit with an idea. What better way to explore and experience the gorgeous city of Barcelona than with a beautiful couple in front of my camera lens? Being a wedding photographer, I always find that a couple in love makes any place so much more beautiful and special. I have to say, I envy any wedding photographer in Barcelona – there are so many spots in this timeless city that are incredibly romantic and make for an amazing backdrop.

      The fact that I didn’t really know anyone in Barcelona clearly didn’t stop me. Nor did the fact that I was only there for about 24 hours before heading on to Costa Brava for some seaside views. It was proven a long time ago that the less free time you have, the more things you get done, so I reached out to the people of Barcelona wondering who was crazy enough to meet me at 7 am for a sunrise shoot in the gorgeous Gothic quarter! Lovely Laura and Filip quickly responded to my call and were incredibly enthusiastic! It was wonderful to find a couple who are not just incredibly in love and happy to meet me so early on a Saturday morning, but who even went shopping specially for our shoot to match the sunrise colours of the city! For the record, I found them both incredibly stylish and fell totally in love with Laura’s yellow trousers. I even went hunting for an identical pair when I came back to Dublin, but they didn’t have my size 🙁

      On my very first morning in Barcelona I was greeted with a grey sky and a miserable cold. Wonderful. I just flew all the way to Spain hoping to escape the very same thing – Ireland suddenly decided to go full winter mode. I was looking forward to seeing the city again in the warm sunlight, but it continued raining on us all day long. This made me looked forward to my sunrise adventure even more, and finally seeing the sun cast its warmth on the sand-coloured buildings of Barcelona made me feel incredibly happy. And then I saw Laura in those yellow trousers, and I knew it would be an amazing morning. I just wish I’d had the time to keep exploring the city with them more and more! I remember being just as excited about the morning light when I went out to shoot a beautiful wedding anniversary in Dublin last year. Maybe I should reconsider my sleeping schedule?

      As it was, we enjoyed the most beautiful light of the day and the almost empty winding streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. When we found ourselves in front of the Cathedral my excitement simply rocketed! We found more colour in trendy El Born, walked down the green Parc de la Ciutadella and joined the Saturday bustle around Arc de Triomph. The morning was turning to a busy afternoon in the Catalan capital, the sunrise magic was over, but our little adventure let me see the city from a completely different angle and fall in love with it even more. I can’t wait to come back. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Barcelona, I’m your girl!