… and how to make the most of it

He asked and she said yes! To some it sounds like the start of a happy-ever-after, to others – like a super exciting time in their lives. And it always comes with a sudden long list of things to do – find a band, pick the cake, choose the perfect dress… At least you have the photographer sorted and they’ll take care of making sure you actually remember your big day. Right?

Sure, we’ve seen many weddings and photographed in all sorts of situations, but will you be ready? I mean, of course you will be. Between Facebook and your phone you’ve had about five thousand pictures taken. It’s a breeze. And you know exactly how to show off your best side and your best smile. You could totally pull off an awesome fashion shoot without any prep, and your partner would, too!

Maybe not.

Maybe you are like me and every time you put on that model look for the camera it doesn’t really come out all that model at all. Maybe you have exactly 5 pictures of yourself you actually like. It also happens that in one you are turned away and another one was taken 10 years ago. And you realise with a shock that you actually have no decent photos with your h2b, except one from that crazy night at the pub… Not exactly Save the Date material. Here are 7 reasons why you should take engagement photos. Not because you need any more convincing. Just because we both really like lists.

Killiney Hill Engagement session Dublin

1. Perfect Practice for your Big Day

This one is a no-brainer. As a professional wedding photographer Dublin, I certainly know how to take photos I we also need a bit of time to take those perfect photos of YOU. Chances are you and your partner haven’t really had a chance to be in front of a camera for that long, and you really don’t want to take precious time on your wedding day to work out your perfect smile. Everyone has a good side but when it comes to finding it, maybe try it before the big day?

2. Get to Know Your Photographer

I’ve got some uncomfortable news for you. You’ll probably spend more time with your wedding photographer Ireland on your wedding day than anyone else, including your partner. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to be in the way but I WILL be there to document your whole day, from before your make up is fully on until you have kicked your shoes off and dancing barefoot on the dancefloor. An engagement shoot is a fantastic way to get to know one another so I’m not some weird stranger who crashed your big day. You might still think I’m weird when I’m dragging you outside in the middle of dinner for that sunset light that-you-just-have-to-see. But at least I won’t be a stranger.

Engagement session in Killiney Dublin

3. Reconnect and spend time together.

I know everyone says the wedding day is all about the Bride and Groom. Or sometimes about the Bride. In reality, you’ll probably spend most of your day playing hostess, greeting guests and remembering the names of all those aunts and uncles from Australia who actually turned up! Oh, and there’s also the getting married bit. You know, the one with the vows and the rings. And the nerves.

In any case, you’ll be lucky to spend an hour with your together-forever person, and unless it’s 4pm and you’re off work at 5 an hour doesn’t really feel that long. We’ll probably use most of it to take romantic photos anyway! Another reason why you should take engagement photos is that it’s the perfect opportunity to not only get beautiful images of the two of you but also rekindle that romance and connection without any pressure and at your own pace. It’s a chance to celebrate the connection and the union between you, and to hug and kiss more than you normally would. And cuddle. Where would we be without cuddles?

4. Relive the proposal

As much as I’m looking forward to my first real proposal shoot, I haven’t had a chance to photograph one yet. Most proposals are either intimate or spontaneous. I mean, if Prince Harry himself did it that way? A reason why you should take engagement photos is that it will give you the chance to recreate that perfect moment and capture it in photos. Go back to the place where he popped the question, put on your favourite clothes and relieve those emotions!

5. Dress to Impress

Whatever it means to you. For some it’s putting on your best clothes and going to an epic location. For others it’s looking cosy and in tune with each other, maybe wearing matching sweaters or rocking that grunge look that you probably won’t pull off on your wedding day, no matter how much you secretly want to. In any case, an engagement shoot is a reason to make an effort. Smart-casual is usually the way to go. It’s not an invitation to Buckingham Palace but it’s also not quite a lazy Sunday afternoon in PJs! No one wants to look back at their professional photos and think “I’m so happy I didn’t wash my hair on that day and put on those comfy jeans from 10 years back”.

6. Invite your family.

I don’t actually mean your aunts and cousins, unless you really really want to of course! Sometimes by the time you are getting married it’s more than just the two of you. You might want to include your little one and have a family slash engagement shoot. You might want to bring your dogs! Or you might even bring your cats and I won’t stop repeating how cute you are, all of you!

7. Create the perfect wedding decor

Last but not least, let’s be practical. You can buy a guest signing book at Eason’s and hope that some of the guests will want to look through it and leave a note. Or you can have an absolutely unique guestbook or photo wall at your wedding with incredibly cute photograph that everyone will be dying to see. Which would you prefer?