When you hear from a girl that her boyfriend proposes in the middle of the storm you can’t help feeling intrigued! Ayna’s message was so sweet and romantic that I simply couldn’t wait to meet her and Thomas to do a couple photo session in Dublin. Unfortunately we had to wait a while! First holidays came upon us, then a rainy spell (nothing unusual in Ireland…). So when the rains finally stopped we decided not to wait any longer and try our luck!

      Couple Photo Session in Dublin

      The idea was to recreate the feel of the countryside, and Phoenix Park seemed like the perfect spot. There aren’t many places around Dublin that look as wild and foresty as Dublin’s largest park. As a bonus there are deer there!

      Thomas’s family are farmers, and both he and Ayna love spending weekends there away from the hustle and bustle of Dublin. It was during one of these weekends that Thomas set out to propose. For some reason he was pretty determined to do it during the storm! I guess when your girlfriend agrees to follow you out into the field in any weather you know she’s the one!

      Thankfully we didn’t get any storm for the shoot (I’m not a big fan of wet weather!). But we did seem to pick one of the coldest mornings. By the end of it we were absolutely frozen but I think we agreed that our couple photo session in Dublin was a success! We even got some of the beautiful morning sun. Even cooler than that, some deer wandered into the photos for the countryside feel! I absolutely loved Ayna and Thomas’s chemistry, the way they look at each other, hold each other and just seem perfect together. You might not believe in “the one” and “the perfect match” (I don’t!) but you have to believe in people who make each other very very happy.