Wedding Photographer in Ireland

Capturing the Moment...

Hi! I’m Olga, a wedding photographer Dublin and the one behind the camera. I love being there – as soon as I look through the lens I see this magical world of exploration and discoveries. My friends and family say I’ve always been really curious and passionate about new things. Like, I was 17 still living in Moscow, Russia and I saw this Irish dance-themed ice-skating number. The next week I enrolled into an Irish dancing school and continued doing it for the next 8 years. I only gave up because I moved to Ireland – as ironic as it sounds!

New places and experiences give me an endless source of energy. Whenever I travel (and I love travelling!) I seem to be able to function on 6 hours of sleep, just to wake up as early as possible and see more and more! I plan the day to include a minimum of 10 hours of walking around, and my husband hates me for it. I’m sure he secretly loves it too.

So what about my job? Being a wedding photographer in Ireland basically gives me the perfect excuse to be curious and have an endless source of beautiful experiences! I’m infinitely curious to get to know people’s personalities, likes and dislikes, love stories and aspirations. I love to know what makes you happy, what is inspires you, what is important to you, and then reflect it in my photos! I love discovering new places with you and creating beautiful things together.

A Little About Me

A Few Random Facts About Me

  • I was born in Moscow, Russia. When I was about 5 years old I decided that I would find a foreign prince and move to a foreign land.
  • I met my future husband in Germany and we spent a total of 8 hours together. He didn’t know we’d see each other again. I did.
  • I hated coffee for the first 26 years of my life and now barely go a day without a cup
  • One of the reasons my husband proposed to me is my super-simple lemon cheesecake recipe. Want to try?
  • I am a planning addict. Sometimes I think I love planning events and trips more than actually doing them!
  • Sometimes I start humming randomly. Then I realise I am happy.
  • My favourite song to sing is Let It Go from Frozen. It’s also my husband’s most hated song.
  • Happy movies make me tear up. So do wedding speeches.
  • I am a bit obsessed with backlight, especially at sunrise and sunsets. Do stop me if I’m being carried away. You’ve been warned!

About You

You can’t wait until your wedding day and seeing all the people you love smile because they are so happy for you. You also can’t wait to marry your partner because you know you want to spend the rest of your lives together and you still have those butterflies just like on the day you met. Your wedding day is going to be uniquely yours, a reflection of your two personalities and of what they become together. You’ve spent so many days planning it in your head down to the smallest details, and now you can’t wait to have them all come together and become real. Oh, and you also can’t wait to put on that gorgeous outfit – and even if you don’t really like the idea of shopping for clothes and looking different from your everyday self, you still can’t wait to put it on because you chose it and it’s perfect.