7 years ago I wasn’t a wedding photographer. 7 years ago I was a bride, planning my own wedding. I couldn’t wait to marry my partner-in-crime in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Irish countryside, surrounded by our closest family and friends.

      Like you, we researched venues, looked for inspiration, put together a guest list and hoped that the day would be as magical as we imagined. Finding the perfect wedding photographer was a really exciting part. We both knew how important memories would be to us. So one of the first things we did was sit down and discuss exactly how we wanted to remember our wedding day.

      We both knew straight away that we wanted our wedding photos to be natural, dynamic, emotional and fun. We didn’t care much for posed shots or pictures of shoes. We wanted to remember how much fun we had with our friends, we wanted to see our parents’ happy faces as we said our vows.

      We wanted all the emotions of our wedding day to rush back at us as soon as we saw our photos.

      And this is exactly what happened.

      When I started photographing weddings I knew this was the experience I wanted my couples to have. I want you to go through your wedding album and feel the rush of happiness you felt on your big day. I want your wedding photos to become part of your legacy, for your story to be preserved for your children and grandchildren.

      Your day should have authentic expressions and real stories.

      My whole style is driven by the emotions and personality of your wedding day. I react to emotions and look for moments that happen naturally. Your day should have authentic expressions and real stories. It would be really sad for me if all the memories that came back to you were of how the photographer posed you.



      A Few Random Facts About Me

      • I met my future husband in Germany and we spent a total of 8 hours together. He didn’t know we’d see each other again. I did.
      • I hated coffee for the first 26 years of my life and now coffee shops are one of my favourite places to be!
      • One of the reasons my husband proposed to me is my super-simple lemon cheesecake recipe. Want to try?
      • I am a planning addict. Sometimes I think I love planning events and trips more than actually doing them!
      • Happy movies make me tear up. So do wedding speeches.
      • I am a bit obsessed with backlight, especially at sunsets. Do stop me if I’m being carried away. You’ve been warned!

      About You

      You can’t wait until your wedding day and seeing all the people you love smile because they are so happy for you.

      You also can’t wait to marry your partner because you know you want to spend the rest of your lives together and you still have those butterflies just like on the day you met.

      Your wedding day is going to be uniquely yours, a reflection of your two personalities and of what they become together. You’ve spent so many days planning it in your head down to the smallest details, and now you can’t wait to have them all come together and become real.

      Oh, and you also can’t wait to put on that gorgeous outfit – and even if you don’t really like the idea of shopping for clothes and looking different from your everyday self, you still can’t wait to put it on because you chose it and it’s perfect.