Wicklow is absolutely the most magical place in Ireland! Full of wild beaches and breathtaking lakes, elves and unicorns, ancient castles and magical forests, it’s just filled with Irishness. That’s why I so excited to take Sneha and Achutha around and show them all those magical places.

      Both from India, they managed a long-distance relationship before finally settling in Ireland together and getting engaged! So before flying back home for their wedding they were eager to take the type of photos that would showcase their love both for each and for Ireland. They hadn’t had a chance to explore too much of the countryside though, so I thought driving around Wicklow would be the perfect experience.

      We started off at the famous Black Castle in Wicklow Town before heading on to the magical Glendalough and finishing at my favourite Lough Tay for one of the most spectacular views in the county. And these are just a few highlights, there’s so much more to explore!

      We can’t stop smiling ear to ear looking at the pictures and I’ve probably scrolled through all of those a hundred times already. We have no idea when & how you managed to capture those candid moments. You’re truly a gifted photographer & we’re so so glad to have found you.

      -Sneha and Achutha