What do you think of when you think back to 2020?

      It’s certainly not what we all expected, least of all wanted. 2 weeks turned into 2 months, then into a full year, and as I’m writing this at the start of 2021 we don’t quite see an end in sight.

      But I looked back at the amazing wedding celebrations I still got to capture in 2020, the year of the pandemic. Each experience was so unique. Each couple had their own incredible story.

      Aoife and Tomás moved not only their wedding date (3 times!) but also country.

      Elaine and John had to reorganise their wedding in 2 days (!) to make sure they could celebrate with their nearest and dearest.

      Iolanda and Stephen got married in the middle of a lockdown and a nation-wide storm.

      Some of these couples had 50 guests, some 25, some just 6. Do you know what they all had in common?

      Joy. Laughter. Tears. Hope. Love.

      You may be wondering whether you should wait for a pandemic-free world or have a small wedding. The decision is yours but I’m here to tell you that no matter what you decide, you’ll have The Most Amazing Day. Because your wedding day is all about the strongest, most intense emotions.

      Not one of these amazing 2020 couples regretted their decisions to go ahead with their wedding. Instead, they all loved how amazing it was to get everyone together and experience joy in a year when we had so little of it. They all said how much quality time they had with their (truly!) nearest and dearest, and how relaxed the day felt.

      It doesn’t matter whether you plan your wedding in 2 years or in 2 days, or whether you have 150 guests or 15. Your wedding day will be full of all those emotions.

      If you’re still in two minds, see for yourself what it was like to have a wedding in 2020. Just press play.