Howth has always been one of my favourite places in Ireland. I remember first coming here as a tourist in 2010, on my second day (ever!) in Ireland, breathing in the sea air, admiring the colourful houses and trying to take a snap of the seals. Coming from snowy Moscow in February and seeing palm trees in the sun – imagine that! A few years later my would-be husband (although neither of us knew it back then) brought me to Howth Summit to show me the lights of Dublin bay, and I fell in love. Not just with Howth, mind you. But now that’s where I often bring couples to do an engagement shoot in Dublin and have them fall in love with Ireland. I mean, Temple Bar is great but how can it beat Howth?

      Engagement Shoot in Dublin

      I felt like I knew Howth cliff walk like the back of my hand – except for one spot. Every time I took a walk to Bailey Lighthouse I saw this treacherous-looking path down the cliff to a remote little beach – so pretty and colourful, yet so far away right underneath the cliffs. My husband and I spotted people there now and then and always thought they were completely mad – it looked like you could easily kill yourself walking down there!

      Then I came to Howth with Maddy and Oisin. As many romantic stories go (all too familiar) they’d met while working together in America one summer and realised they couldn’t be apart. Doesn’t mean they can always be together, either, so they keep flying back and forth to see each other for a few months, and now planning their wedding! They wanted to do an engagement shoot in Dublin before Maddy flew back home, and Howth seemed like the perfect spot to include their cute fur baby Teddy – the fastest dog in the world! I love Maddy and Oisin’s energy, the way they laugh and have fun together, play around with Toby and just enjoy life! In the spirit of adventure we couldn’t help following the scary trail and suddenly found ourselves right at the mysterious beach! It was wonderfully private, full of colours, and Teddy was absolutely excited jumping around the rocks! I think I discovered a new favourite place.

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      couple holding hands diamond engagement ring posing ideas

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