It was literally raining sideways. But not even the rain, the blustering wind or the January temperatures could hinder the warmth of the hugs that kept enveloping Brigid and James at the little church in Bushypark, Co. Galway.

When James left Dublin 5 years ago to pursue his career dreams across the Atlantic, little did he know that he would find not only a great job but his partner in crime. Nor that his partner’s father would turn out to be an Irishman himself! It was only fitting that when James and Brigid decided to tie the knot they would do it mid-way between Boston and Dublin, in Brigid’s family church that saw so many generations of her loving family. It was a true cultural melting pot, with friends and family gathering from all corners of the world. But what’s a better excuse than an Irish wedding?

Glenlo Abbey Wedding Reception

Steeped in history, Glenlo Abbey was the perfect venue for Brigid and James’ family-focused big day. It’s been a place of many celebrations in Brigid’s family, and it’s absolutely splendid as a wedding venue! Decorated for Christmas, the fairy lights make it look absolutely enchanting.

Brigid and James both got ready at Glenlo, surrounded by their awesome bridal parties. I don’t think anyone could tear their eyes off Brigid’s absolutely stunning custom-made wedding dress with lots of lace detail and a showstopper of a train. But it was the little details that made her look so extra special. The gorgeous drop earrings were picked by her Dad, and her Mum hand-made a beautiful beaded bracelet with a single blue bead in it – so subtle! James, in his turn, picked an amazing Tiffany necklace for his wife-to-be featuring two interlocked rings.

Wedding Photos at Glenlo Abbey

With the rain lashing against the windows, we had little hope of enjoying the beautiful grounds of Glenlo Abbey. Thankfully, the beautiful chapel and drawing rooms have plenty of spots for some intimate portraits. My personal favourite is a spacious conservatory on the ground floor. That leafy wallpaper is such a stunning backdrop! I was delighted to have the option of natural light for indoor photos when we suddenly noticed the rain cease, only to be replaced by the most beautiful evening light! So of course we wasted no time and took a quick walk outdoors. Though we hardly had the time to check out the 138 acre of grounds that Glenlo Abbey has access to, the area in front of the hotel is more than enough. The eye is always drawn to the unique Pullman train. The two carriages retain the original decor of the Orient Express, so stepping aboard is like time-travelling!

Elizabeth Rushe Clancy

Absolutely stunning pictures! What a wonderful day! Thank you for choosing Bushy Park to have your wedding. It was a day we will all remember and cherish forever! I know that Noreen and Vincent were looking down on you.With all our love to you Brigid and James. From Auntie Elizabeth, Uncle John and cousins Catherine and Tom xxxx