When a truly stunning couple plans a party of their lifetime surrounded by all their best friends and family, you know it’s going to be a good one! Jodie and Gerry chose the beautiful Darver Castle for its fantastic space, amazing service and being able to spend the whole day onsite. As they said, “no time wasted going too and from venues” – and I couldn’t agree more!

      Jodie and Gerry have been together for a good few years but looking at the chemistry between them you’d never guess! Jodie said from the start that she loves how personable Gerry is, how he gets along well with everyone. She loves going places with him because he feels at ease wherever he goes. Meanwhile, Gerry’s favourite thing about Jodie is her smile. For the whole day I couldn’t stop thinking how accurate they both were!

      When I asked them before their wedding how they imagined their day, their main picture was all their friends and family in the sunshine, enjoying drinks, chats and good music. I guess it’s all about what you manifest because their July celebration turned out to be long-awaited start of the proper summer! May and June were so unpredictable with random showers that Jodie and Gerry got to have the first outdoor ceremony of the year at the castle!

      The drinks reception was indeed filled with sunshine and fantastic music. The amazing Tropical Storm got everyone singing along. My favourite part was probably the cracking performance during dinner when they got the whole top table singing pop songs – the parents, the wedding party and the bride and groom, of course! The hurray at the end had the whole room on their feet – definitely a strong start to an amazing party.

      Then, before the music hit the dancefloor, we were greeted with a stunning sunset and managed to catch a few quiet moments to ourselves… A truly fairy tale ending to this royal wedding!

      Wow, we absolutely adore these photos! We spent hours looking through them last night, there are just so many joyous moments captured! We love the couple shots of us, they are so special and the slideshow really was so gorgeous. I think you captured the mood of the day so perfectly because as we flicked through we found ourselves laughing out loud at so many of the great moments we were reliving or in a lot of cases seeing for the first time. We really had the best time and enjoyed every minute of our wedding day so we are so delighted to have such fun, loving and animated photos that reflect that. 

      Jodie and Gerry

      The Vendors