Love, travel, and music were the main themes of Kevin and Jane’s wedding. They wanted a relaxed, intimate wedding in the heart of Dublin, and that’s exactly what they got. They had their ceremony at Dublin City Hall and the place was perfect, with a relaxed ambiance and stunning indoor details. Jane simply knew it was where she wanted to get married after singing there a few times and she was delighted it got Kevin’s seal of approval! They also chose the place because of its central location and ability to host guests of all ages—something that is especially important for Kevin and Jane who both wanted a city-centered wedding. 

      After the ceremony, we got to revisit some of their favorite places in the city. The Trinity College and The Pavilion Bar hold a beautiful memory for this couple. Kevin and Jane met while they were captain and president of the water polo club back in college. They’d travelled to so many corners of the world – first as teammates and then as a couple! So, of course we couldn’t let the day end without strolling through this memory lane. We snuck onto the grounds of Trinity College and went on to have a pint at The Pavilion Bar, like in the good old days, just before joining their guests at the reception. 

      They concluded the day at Fallon & Byrne, a restaurant set in a stunning history building, where family and friends shared emotional words, enjoyed great food and wine, then partied the night away!