Engagement Session with Pets

      Sometimes engagement sessions are not just about getting some practice in front of the camera. And not even about the two of you madly in love. These days when the tradition of getting married at 18 is gone weddings are often so much more than a union of two people. It’s a celebration of two individual and unique lives joined together, two circles of family and friends, and sometimes a celebration of the life the couple has already created together.

      So why should engagement sessions be any different? That was exactly my thinking when I heard about Amy and Paidraig’s fur babies. Exactly those deep philosophical thoughts and not at all the fact that I’m totally a cat person and dream of photographing my two favourite subjects together. Or the fact that maine coons are absolutely stunning creatures. No, I was definitely more along the lines of deep and philosophical! Whatever the reasons, Amy and Paidraig were excited about the idea of including their fur babies (it’s not like they can bring them to the wedding, unfortunately) and I was super excited about doing an engagement session with pets. I mean, if we don’t have an epic landscape why not have epic cats? Some might even argue which is better!

      We met at a little park not far from Amy and Paidraig’s place on a typical cloudy Irish morning. The cats were a bit confused as to their surroundings but seemed happy enough to be cuddled and petted (although probably equally happy to get back home and eat!). I was lucky enough to capture them looking at the camera at the same time, which was no easy feat, but just look at the four of them all together… Aren’t they the cutest??