darver castle decorated for christmas

      With fairy lights twinkling in every corner and Christmas in the air it’s so easy to feel like a kid again. We all eat more chocolate than we promised ourselves (and our waistline). We search for presents and can’t wait for Christmas day to share them. It’s also easier than ever to believe in fairytales. This Darver Castle wedding with princess vibes gave my Christmas spirit a real boost this year. I feel I just have to share it with you for true fairytale inspiration!

      Lynette and Joey met under the most romantic circumstances. Imagine being 10 years old, going to a new school and receiving your first ever Valentine? This is exactly the way Lynette and Joey’s relationship began. It’s also the way it was put on hold for a while. Lynette says Joey was such a messer and really not her type! Whether it was Joye’s joke or the fact that he only gave Lynette a half-eaten pack of Maltesers for that fateful Valentine’s day, we’ll never know.

      couple wedding photos darver castle wedding at christmas

      What we do know is that 6 years later they met again in a bar, and Lynette’s clearly reconsidered her “type”. Joye hadn’t. They hit it off almost immediately and have been inseparable since. Their relationship blossomed with common passions, travels abroad and even a move to distant Australia for a few years. And as exotic and wonderful as Australia is, there’s no place like home. When Lynette and Joey found they were expecting their first beautiful baby, they made the decision to return to Ireland. Joey made an even more difficult decision to take over his father’s farm.

      Fast forward 7 years, they both run a successful farming business and raise three wonderful children. Last year Joey received a Milking for Quality award and a stay in Lyrath Estate. A true gentleman, he decided the day shouldn’t be all about him and took the leap to finally pop the question! Half a pack of Maltesers and some years later, their Darver Castle wedding was a true fairytale affair. With a warm welcome from roaring fires, Christmas trees everywhere and even Santa making an appearance, this was a real Christmas wedding to give you the perfect Christmas spirit. I’m so grateful I got to be part of it!

      Darver Castle Wedding

      couple wedding photos darver castle wedding at christmas