One of my biggest passions is traveling. Planning trips, exploring new places, trying new food and discovering new traditions – all of this gets my creative juices flowing like nothing else! The 3 months my husband and I spent travelling around South-East Asia will probably remain the happiest time of my life. I mean, I’m still hoping something beats it but it’s going to be quite a challenge! Being a destination wedding photographer seems like the right way to go.

      Recently I haven’t had a chance to travel as far as I used to but I love little city breaks around Europe, and recently I finally got to visit London! It was one of those trips when everything blends in together – sights, old friends, board games, quirky spots… A perfect chance to clear my head. You know the way you need to get from the routine in order to change something about your life? Travelling always helps.

      Destination Wedding Photographer

      I used to love walking around new places with my camera capturing the beauty around me. Recently, though, I’ve been feeling that something is missing, like natural beauty is not quite enough. So I was really excited at the opportunity to photograph gorgeous Corina and her new husband Ionut right in the heart of London. Having gotten married in their home country, they loved the chance to capture their love for each other in the place they now both call home. Also, they are a stunning couple and I fell in love with Corina’s dress but these are just details, hehe.

      It being my first time in London, I really wasn’t sure of the best spots and, as a destination wedding photographer, I often have to rely on other photographers’ blogs. I found a few websites mentioning London south bank and that was indeed our original plan – only the day before the shoot as I was walking around I stumbled across a hidden gem. St Dunstan in the East, a little church ruin hiding in the middle of London City, became probably my favourite place in London. It’s such a gorgeous oasis of calm, with amazing gothic windows and a spectacular view of the Shard – the place where Ionut had proposed!

      We did take a little stroll along the South Bank, grabbing a few cool photos in Borough Market and enjoying the evening lights along the Thames. Dusk was setting, turning the sky a gorgeous dusty blue, commuters were milling across the bridges and St Paul’s Cathedral was as majestic as always. What a place to call home.