Christmas is the time of magic. And miracles. But that’s only in books and movies, right? Wrong. I definitely witnessed Christmas magic when Aoife married Matt at their Trinity College wedding in Dublin, and it was more beautiful than you could even imagine.

      Aoife and Matt were born on the other sides of the world, and fate definitely intervened to help them find each other. After a whirlwind romance across a few countries Matt got an offer for a job in Ireland, Aoife started her masters and they moved in together. These guys are clearly superhuman because in the middle of all this they decided to plan a wedding. And what a fantastic day they made of it!

      Trinity College Wedding Dublin

      With friends and family coming from all over the world, having a Dublin wedding seemed like the best idea. Dublin in December is absolutely transformed by the festive atmosphere and beautiful Christmas lights. I couldn’t wait to photograph the two of them strolling down Grafton Street! A Trinity alumni, Aoife was eager to have a Trinity College wedding in the beautiful chapel on campus and have photos taken in the iconic Long Room library. We planned out the whole day, making the best of the short daylight available…

      … and then, just because it’s Ireland, the weather decided to throw a spanner in the works as the ultimate test. With gusts of wind and rain, storm Deirdre hit Ireland in the middle of the festive season. But I already mentioned that Aoife and Matt are superhumans, right? It’s just a bit of rain! Armed with cute umbrellas, they braced against the weather (and the sea of Christmas shoppers). Like a miracle, the rain subsided, leaving behind wet cobblestones sparkling under magical Christmas lights.

      Surrounded by loving friends and family (and absolutely incredible flowers by Wildwood Florals), their wedding couldn’t have been warmer and more magical.