In all my years of photographing weddings I thought I’d seen it all. But I most certainly had never seen a dress like this! And it was no surprise that it was the incredible and unique Martinstown House that Christina and Eric picked for their long-awaited celebration.

      Christina’s dress had been in the making almost as long as the wedding itself. She originally planned to make it hand-made and unique but she definitely didn’t expect it to be her lockdown project! As restrictions changed and several wedding dates came and went, she continued adding more and more pieces to her masterpiece.. Until it finally saw the light of day on a gorgeous September day in 2022!

      You might expect Christina to be some sort of a dressmaker wizard but she and Eric are actually both… bakers! They also very clearly know what they like and don’t like. Dislikes: Covid lockdowns and loud parties with strangers. Likes: bold colours, animals (especially pugs), donuts and karaoke!

      So that’s exactly how their intimate celebration was planned. They arrived in Ireland with their closest family and friends and got ready together in a beautiful country house. Christina did her own make-up because you could hardly delegate a job like this when it includes all colours of rainbow!

      I’ve seen floral arches at ceremonies before but certainly not balloon arches – and it looked stunning! The intensity of their personal vows surprised not just the guests but Christina and Eric themselves. I was very impressed that Christina’s sister who performed the role of the celebrant managed to hold back tears!

      After the ceremony there were speeches in the sun, a visit to the donkeys and a gorgeous rainbow. It was my first time seeing one at Martinstown House, and I couldn’t pick a more fitting wedding for it!

      In the evening, there was a donut-exchange ceremony. I mean, if you can exchange metal rings, edible rings are even better, right? Eric played the guitar to Chris and her Dad’s father-daughter dance under the twinkling light, and then everyone retired to the cosy house for some late-night karaoke. Tell me now, how amazing would it be to be a guest at a wedding like this??

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