A wedding with kids is always extra special for me. I love seeing my couples not only as two people in love but as parents, too! From the very start I could just see how attentive and loving Ciara and Dave are as parents to their two little boys. Their wedding really was a celebration of not just them but their whole family.

      To make their wedding as seamless and relaxing as possible Ciara and Dave chose to spend the whole day at Bellinter House. They were really lucky with the weather and had their very special ceremony on site, under the famous weeping beech tree. I loved how personal they made it. At the very start all the guests were handed soap bubbles to blow throughout the ceremony. The kids loved it and it looked really magical! Ciara’s Dad and sister sang a beautiful piece for them. The couple also asked a few of their married friends to give them some marital advice. There were some really heartfelt ideas but the general consensus was that such a power couple with two young (and very active!) boys should be the ones giving advice!

      Ciara and Dave’s priority was to spend as much time as possible at the drinks reception, something I always love to hear from my couples. We left all the couple photos until after everyone was called for dinner. We spent a little time strolling the gorgeous grounds at Bellinter House before joining the festivities again with a bang!