When an English couple fall in love with Ireland so much that they decide to invite all of their friends and family and get married in a gorgeous country house setting, you know it’s going to be a spectacular wedding!  I fell in love with Horetown House on my first visit and couldn’t wait to come back there with C&S for their Horetown House wedding. I mean, if you are looking for a private, charming, stylish venue that’s not too far from Dublin and also happens to have the most attentive and accommodation wedding coordinator, you really don’t need to look much further!

C&S had been together for a while but looking at them you’d think they’re still in their dating stages, they are so in love and attracted to each other! They also kept telling me (both during the engagement shoot and on the wedding day) how awkward they felt in front of the camera and I honestly thought they were joking. I can’t imagine a more chilled, relaxed and fun-loving couple who are ready to laugh at anything! Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

On arriving to the little B&B they were staying the night before the wedding, I discovered gorgeous flowers, both in arrangements and in vases all around the place. I was wondering why the florist had left so many fresh flowers behind when I found out that the bride and her two bridesmaids had arranged all the flowers themselves the day before!  They hadn’t practiced and happened to do the job at 1am after a few drinks! Not that I’d recommend this for a relaxing pre-wedding activity but it definitely worked this time – look at the results!

C&S were dreaming of having an outdoor ceremony for their Horetown House wedding (the place is so gorgeous they’d have a stunning ceremony anywhere!),  and we kept checking the weather all morning. It poured down all the way to the venue, then the wind picked up, and Niamh the superstar wedding coordinator was ready to move the whole ceremony indoors just a few minutes before it was due to begin. And yet Irish luck (or the Child of Prague – whichever you choose to believe) worked its magic, and the sun came up just as the bride walked the aisle. There were cute paige boys, beautiful readings about dinosaurs no less and a confetti exit.

And then the biggest surprise – knowing the bride’s love for HB Brunch, one of her friends had organized a whole box of them to be delivered to Horetown in the morning, and they made for an absolutely beautiful addition to post-ceremony prosecco! One of my favourite moments of the day.

Though, to be fair, probably the most epic moment of the day happened a bit later on a beautiful swing as we were trying for some romantic photographs. I won’t spoil it for you, just scroll on. All I’ll say is when a bride and groom find themselves on the ground and continue laughing you know that their marriage will last for years and years!