Kate and Clive knew what they wanted to create for their wedding celebration from the very start: city chic, elegant and timeless. So there was definitely no better venue to host this Christmas celebration than the Merrion Hotel. Becoming absolutely magical at Christmas, it was the perfect place to have an elegant ceremony and bring all their favourite people together for a day of celebrations.

      I absolutely loved Kate’s wedding look. I’d rarely seen a bride go for a two-piece outfit, and a cardigan at that! Somehow the combination of the cashmere top, a satin pencil skirt and statement pearl jewellery was the absolute perfection for a timeless (almost vintage!) look among the classical Georgian architecture of Dublin.

      Kate and Clive were both keen to keep the time away from their guests to the minimum, so we took a quick stroll along Merrion Street for some iconic Dublin backdrops without venturing too far. There’s so much variety within just a 5-minute walk! Then they were back to the proper celebrations with gorgeous food, emotional speeches and a festive dinner setting. Have a look below!

      The Vendors