I remember falling absolutely in love the first time I came to Marlfield House – the house, the gardens and of course the gorgeous conservatory are hard to forget! Sinead and Finn clearly felt the same and, being two architects, they have a particular appreciation for the beauty of the place. I had an absolutely joyful day with them and couldn’t ask for a sweeter couple!

      We both agreed after you left on the day that we were so glad we chose you as our photographer. You really put us at ease in the morning when we were getting ready, and were so helpful to me with my dress. During the day you slotted in with our guests seamlessly, so many of our friends and family told us afterwards that they had great chats with you. You also managed to balance capturing the type of natural, fun and beautiful photos we wanted without once making us feel pulled away from our guests. Having seen the photos, you have honestly exceeded our expectations, so thank you.


      Sinead and Finn spent the whole day at Marlfield House, from morning till night, and we had a fantastic morning together. I can’t remember laughing as hard as I did with the boys! From solving crosswords (I can proudly add it to my job description now!) to sandwiches in a bathtub and watching obscure YouTube videos… This bunch has a unique sense of humour, and it was a great morning!

      Sinead’s ethereal look and her delicate details took my breath away, and her calm relaxing morning with the girls was a joy to photograph.

      When I asked Sinead and Finn about their priorities on their wedding day, it was clear they wanted to spend as much time as possible with all their guests. They were looking to create a chill garden party in a beautiful surroundings and spend the day with good food and in good company. So that’s exactly what we focused on, and we ended up having the perfect day for it.

      The beautiful outdoor ceremony was short and sweet. We got all the family photographs done quickly and then left the couple portraits until much later, so the couple could enjoy their whole drinks reception basking in the sun and chatting to their favourite people. And then after dinner we were treated to the stunning sunset sky!

      The Vendors