Iolanda and Stephen: Family Micro Wedding with 15 Guests

      Iolanda and Stephen didn’t plan to have an intimate wedding. As Iolanda put it, “I can’t wait to let my hair down, party hard, and soak in every moment of our day!”. But 2020 decided differently. Just like most other couples, they postponed their August celebration to the following year, prepared to patiently wait for the pandemic to go away.

      Only it wouldn’t go away so easily, would it? Watching case numbers go up and down, following the ever-changing restrictions – it was all proving to be so so stressful! So Iolanda and Stephen felt they needed to take back control and go against the tide. Just a couple of weeks before their original wedding date they decided to go ahead with their celebration at Martinstown House. It was a scaled down version (just 15 of them, with the very closest family!) but it was no less filled with love and magic.

      This was my first wedding since the world turned upside down in March, and to say I was looking forward to it would be an understatement! But to make things even more dramatic, there was a storm coming! A proper one, with wind, rain and orange weather warning across the country. A global pandemic, a lockdown and now a full-blown storm – what other obstacles was the world going to throw at these two??

      Iolanda and Stephen were completely unfazed. They joyfully went ahead, so the skies decided they were totally defeated! Look at the blue skies in the photos below. Can you even imagine that the rest of the country was drenched in non-stop rain??

      I also got to see Martinstown House as a fantastic small wedding venue. Normally the ceremonies are held in the stunning Woodland area, with dinner in the marquee. But with small numbers Iolanda and Stephen got to use the beautiful rooms of the period house. It felt just right, and you could never say their wedding was quiet!