As unique wedding venues in Dublin go, Smock Alley Theatre is definitely up there. The stunning stained-glass windows and the exposed brick in the spacious Banquet Hall are such striking features it will definitely wow everyone at first sight!

      The place has an amazing history, too. It looks like a theatre and like a church at the same time – how is it even possible? Smock Alley is actually Dublin’s oldest theatre, going back to the 17th century, and at the time it was one of the most renowned theatres in the world.

      Fast forward to the 19th century, Smock Alley Theatre was transformed into a Cathollic Church. The church bell was rung by the historic figure Daniel O’Connell until it cracked! And then, another 2 centuries later, in 2012, Smock Alley Theatre made a full circle and restored as a theatre. It’s now Dublin’s Oldest and Newest Theatre at the same time!

      Smock Alley Theatre Wedding – the Details

      You can stay celebrating at Smock Alley Theatre until 11pm but a lot of couples choose the venue for their ceremony and drinks reception. The vast banquet hall is licensed to conduct legally-binding ceremonies and has pew-style benches to accommodate up to 100 guests. In total the hall can host up to 250 guests. It’s certainly a stunning backdrop for a civil ceremony!

      A lot of my couples have chosen to move on to a different reception venue for dinner but you can stay for a candlelight dinner in the banquet hall. Depending on the time, there several available packages, starting from €1500 for 10am-4pm. Usually it’s perfect to host your ceremony and then have a drinks reception after. It’s a great idea to use the reception for your speeches. This way you can move on straight to your evening venue and enjoy the party!

      Siobhan and Peter’s Smock Alley Theatre wedding: Sunshine and Sunflowers

      When I walked into Siobhan’s house, the first thing I saw was her smile. It was one of those hot summer weeks in Dublin when you can’t help feeling like you’re somewhere in Spain! The house was full of light, everyone was enjoying the amazing weather in the garden, but you could almost touch the incredible energy coming from Siobhan. Then I saw the sunflowers – the focus of her wedding theme and Siobhan’s symbol. She adores the heat and literally lights up as soon as the sun comes out. It’s no wonder she was absolutely radiant for the rest of her wedding day!

      Siobhan and Peter are one of those couples you can’t help getting along with straight away. They have really warm families, an amazing group of friends, and their wedding was a true reflection of their personalities and hobbies. Have a look at their Pokemon-themed ring box and their amazing wedding cake topper!

      It was an explosion of emotions, colour and laughter all day. The beautiful ceremony and reception at Smock Alley Theatre were followed by a walk through the streets of Dublin and some of their favourite spots. We made it all the way to St Patrick’s Cathedral (their lockdown park!) before heading back to join the party at Fallon & Byrne. It was a night to remember!

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