What a day of colour, sunshine and love! I swear, every time I’m down at my favourite Martinstown House in Kildare the weather seems to celebrate with us 🙂 It’s almost like the place has its own microclimate! Or maybe this time it was the answer to Oisin and Emma’s prayers. There was so much rain in the week leading up to their big day the skies just didn’t have any more water in them!

      So when gorgeous Emma and Oisin, high school sweethearts, decided to finally tie the knot after 16 (!) years of being together, the day greeted them with the perfect summer weather. Can you tell they’ve been a couple that long? I sure can’t because the way they look at each other is just incredible! The excitement in the room and during the ceremony was contagious. You could see Emma and Oisin are true soulmates and they simply couldn’t wait to marry each other 🙂

      The rest of the day was one massive party! Food and drink in the sunshine on the lawns, bouncy castle and bull rodeo… There was just so much fun and colour around it was a true festival full of love!

      Emma’s incredible dress is Wed 2 Be

      Colourful flowers by Forget Me Not Flowers