When you see at the way Jamie looks at Vikki, you’d never think these two have been together since college. There’s just so much love in his eyes and so much chemistry between them! But I guess when you’ve been together that long and when you know the other person so well, that’s when you see real love.

      Vikki and Jamie have been through a lot together. And when it came to their wedding plans Covid didn’t help – they had to cancel their plans for a warm celebration in the Mediterranean and put the idea on hold.

      The next year was not easy by far, so when they made plans to return to Ireland for the summer the thing they wanted most was to spend time with their closest people. An intimate wedding sounded like just the right thing, and by absolute luck Rathsallagh House had the same date they had originally planned their wedding the year before! It felt like fate.

      So back they went, to a wonderful country home they’d visited many years before for their first weekend away as a couple. This time though they were surrounded by their favourite people, witnessing their commitment and hearing them say the most important words to each other.

      During the ceremony Vikki’s sister read one of my absolute favourite quotes of all times, and I like to remind myself of it any time frustrations or challenges arise.

      Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.