I was so excited to capture Aine and Eoin’s Segrave Barns wedding, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! From their choice of venue to all the special touches, I knew it would be a lot of fun. I just didn’t expect how much fun – and even the non-stop rain couldn’t put a damper on the mood! 

      When I asked Aine and Eoin about their priorities for the day, they said the most important thing for them was that everyone was relaxed and having a good time. They wanted to see people laughing and dancing. It was also important that they got to spend the day together as well so we made sure to dedicate a few moments for them to be away from all the guests.

      The Venue

      They picked Segrave Barns in Dunany, Co. Louth as their venue. As Aine said, “We knew from the minute we drove in that we loved it, we just had such a strong feeling! The barns and grounds were beautifully decorated, modern but rustic. Nothing is too far away or spread out. John, Eugene and Joe were just so laid back and kind and gave us such confidence – and not to mention the cute donkeys and alpacas that are grazing the minute you drive in, i love that!”

      It was my first time photographing at Segrave Barns, and I’d heard a lot of amazing things about it. I knew it was a very nature-inspired venue and I guess I didn’t quite expect it to be the wettest day of July when rain barely stopped for a minute! And yet the day went absolutely flawlessly, everyone had a great time, and we even got to take a few romantic twilight photos after dinner when the rain started turning into the famous Irish mist.

      Special Touches

      There were a lot of really special things about Aine and Eoin’s wedding, but the most special was probably Aine’s bump – she was over 31 weeks pregnant on her wedding day! I was nearing the end of the second trimester myself at the time and definitely didn’t feel as graceful and full of energy as she did, haha! I couldn’t believe her glow and how incredible her dress looked on her – considering she’d bought it before becoming pregnant! 

      It was extra special to have not just their bump on the day, but also Aine’s mum officiating their ceremony. In fact, Aine wore the same flower crown her mum had worn on her wedding day, and Eoin put on her dad’s wedding tie! There were a lot of little touches like these – from Eoin’s love of cars incorporated into their table plan, to a display of all the hand-made cards Aine had made for Eoin. It really was a celebration of friends, family and love.