Rebecca and Taidgh’s gorgeous day at the Millhouse in Slane was literally the epitome of joy! Just look at Rebecca’s amazing smile (in every single photo, I must add!) and you’ll know what I mean. There was so much beauty, laughter and emotions I literally couldn’t cope!

The weather treated us so nicely all the way up to the afternoon and even let us get the best first look photos 🙂 It seems then Ireland decided to remind us that it’s October after all and give us a bit of a fright with a passing shower! But at that point it didn’t matter. The ceremony went off without a hitch, with beautiful readings and singing by Rebecca’s bridesmaid and a great solemnizing by her uncle. And afterwards it was time for drinks, chats and heartfelt speeches that had the whole room laughing and crying at the same time!

Rebecca and Taidgh’s style for their Millhouse Slane wedding completely stole my heart. As Rebecca said herself in the morning, nothing really matches – and yet everything did! Taidgh had no specific plan for his look, and ended up getting an amazing brown woolen ensemble. Rebecca’s bridesmaids’ only brief was “pastel dresses”, and the combination of colours and styles works together perfectly. The soft yet colourful rose bouquets by Ab Fab Flowers added a lovely splash of colour to this unique industrial-looking venue. And Rebecca herself looks absolutely radiant in her stunning Justin Alexander dress from The Bridal Outlet.