Here are Alexa and Mike. They are both from the other side of the Atlantic but they were fortunate enough to meet in Dublin – Mike was Alexa’s boss for a while! Dublin is also when they got reunited after a long-distance spell, so it’s no wonder they love Ireland and decided to bring all their friends and family here to celebrate their wedding!

      They chose stunning Barberstown Castle as their wedding backdrop – definitely a wow factor for all their American and Canadian guests. There was a heartfelt ceremony, fun speeches, Irish dancing and of course lots of Guinness!

      They also gave the absolute best wedding tips:

      We wouldn’t recommend anyone over plan to the point of extreme stress, but do indulge in whatever you feel will give you peace of mind! We’re really happy that we went the extra-mile planning a few things, even if certain items weren’t used/noticed, because everything went so smoothly and there were absolutely no “what-ifs” in the back of our mind throughout the day. And remain organized— you’ll thank yourself!! 

      I completely second that: Alexa was one of the most organized brides I’ve ever met, and the whole day went flawlessly without a hitch!

      I also asked Alexa and Mike what the highlight of the day was for each of them. For Mike it was the live music and seeing all of their and family enjoying a little slice of Ireland! “It was so cool to see our friends experiencing our new home all together.” And for Alexa it was walking down the aisle and suddenly feeling calmer than she had all day: “it was the moment I was most nervous for (and I was worried my anxiety would get the best of me), but I suddenly felt just overwhelming happy & at peace once the curtain opened!”

      The photos are beyond our wildest expectations— we feel taken back to the day, you are such a phenomenal talent and truly have a gift. We loved having you a part of our day, and we always felt so confident in our decision having you as our photographer in the sea of uncertainty that is planning a wedding!

      Alexa and Mike