Fiona and Lynsey wanted to create a space where they could fully enjoy the day together without the pressure of being in front of everyone else. They wanted it to be a time when they could dance and party to their personal favorite music with their closest friends and family.

      Fiona and Lynsey met four years ago while celebrating Dublin Pride 2018 with their friends at a bar called Street 66. According to Lynsey, it was true love at first sight! She kept flirting with Fiona by buying her shots, which Fiona didn’t even realize! Before the night was over, Lynsey messaged her on Instagram and they continued talking and bantering about their favorite bands and songs. Lynsey eventually asked Fiona out on a night out “as friends,” but things took an unexpected turn when Lynsey kissed Fiona mid-conversation, surprising them both! Finally, they had their first formal date in May 2019 and, as they say, the rest is history. 

      Their overall wedding theme was boho and chic, which was beautifully elevated in the spaces of Martinstown House. As soon as they saw the ceremony area during viewing, they instantly knew that this was the perfect location to celebrate their most special moment. They reached out to the amazing Laura from Wild Feather Event Styling, who absolutely nailed the girls’ vision and literally took the decor to the next level! Scroll down see Fiona’s face as she saw their reception room all put together. I’ve never seen the marquee look more impressive! 

      As a nod back to the start of their relationship, the day revolved around their unique personal musical touches. They planned every song and every minute of their special day and had four entertainers perform to keep guests entertained throughout the event. While Lynsey arrived in the venue on his dad’s tractor, Fiona danced her way down the aisle to a slow piano rendition of ABBA’s Dancing Queen. The couple had their first dance to the song The Pogues’ “Love you ’til the end.”

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