Killiney Hill has long been on my list of places to visit. I’ve seen so many photos from the unique Dublin spot but somehow never got to go there! Doing an engagement session in Killiney with Rachel and Tom seemed like the perfect excuse. And so we headed there on a warm May evening to enjoy the show the evening sky had to offer. Dublin was just hit with the annual Leaving Cert exam heatwave and we were all delighted we didn’t have to be studying 🙂

      Engagement session in Killiney

      I love Rachel and Tom’s story. Their first few dates seemed to be taking place all over Ireland! They met at a tag rugby competition and continued seeing each other at sports events. Eventually they decided they didn’t need any more excuses 🙂 Many years later, they still love playing sports and watch rugby games for their date nights! One of those was especially romantic, with candles lit and flowers around. It was then that Tom presented Rachel with the perfect engagement ring – his mother’s. Coincidentally it was the exact design Rachel had been hoping for! If that’s not fate I don’t know what is.

      We chatted about travels, living in Dublin, perfect hiking weekends and zebra stripes (don’t ask). We admired the amazing show the summer sunset sky had to offer, watching the light slowly go from golden to orange to purple. Just like in a Woodie Allen movie, a Spanish guitar was playing on the hill overlooking the dramatic sunset. As the red sun slowly set into the warm haze over Dublin city, the moon appeared on the other side, like the second act of the show. And then, as we were about to leave, a plane flew across the evening sky leaving a trail behind, like a shooting star….

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