I always get really excited whenever I get an e-mail about doing a romantic travel photo shoot! Especially when it’s an Ireland vow renewal. This vow renewal Ireland was so much fun and so emotional to be part of.

Vow Renewal Ireland in Howth

The Cliffs of Moher on the West coast are such a popular destination for engagement and couple photos. That’s why I always feel bad for Howth cliffs – they don’t seem to get enough love! The West has this incredible rugged beauty and the cliffs are taller and more dramatic. But the East coast has so much to offer! So, I was delighted when Shyanne and Jacob were happy to go exploring with me.  What I didn’t know was how special this wedding anniversary photo shoot was!
Two high school sweethearts, they’ve been together for over 10 years but you’ll never that! They look so young, and the chemistry is there like never before! During a weekend break in Charleston, US Shyanne was dying for a horse carriage ride but Jacob refused relentlessly. He found a million excuses. Only to have the carriage pull up in front of his girlfriend on their second day so he could pop the question as a grand romantic gesture! Shortly after he was off for military training in another state. Shyanne drove 19 hours to marry him. Then, 19 hours back on the same day! If you want to see true dedication, it’s right there guys!
They planned to have their wedding ceremony a year later but what with Jacob’s deployment and other obstacles it never happened. But not before Shyanne and her mother found and bought the perfect dress. A piece of my heart broke as I realised their trip to Ireland would be the first time Jacob would see Shyanne in this dress! I was also really happy we’d be able to capture it in Howth – one of the most magical places in Ireland for a wedding anniversary photoshoot…

Dublin Couple Shoot at Sunset

You know the bit about Cliffs of Moher getting much more love? Try planning on a sunset sky there! Instead, we were absolutely blessed with the most perfect evening you could even imagine for a vow renewal Ireland. It was warm and golden, with the sky kissed by pink clouds and the water shimmering in the sun. Even after it got dark the lights of Dublin bay continued twinkling like magical fairy lights. A hot summer’s day, a golden hour, a blue hour – we had it all, and it was the perfect fairy tale. Just enjoy and get out to Howth for a sunset. It’s so worth it…


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